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https://t.co/OwBlMHFRnD Schedule of 6/27 - 7/3 (EST) Mon: OFF Tues: OFF Wed: 6pm Thurs: 7pm Fri: 7pm Sat: OFF Sun: 6pm #Kappa
27th June, 2017 #Kappa
@Sing2X Lmao! Better than 4. Don't be so selfish #kappa
27th June, 2017 #kappa
@SgtHarvey In a sink waiting for King Knight's campaign #Kappa
27th June, 2017 #Kappa
@noeLbh_ @Brawlhalla Hey, man. I just don't want to get called an idiot again for "not being able to read". #Kappa
27th June, 2017 #Kappa
@riazahmed444 @Ohmwrecker He should start his own YT channel, he could become famous 1 day 😉 #Kappa
27th June, 2017 #Kappa
@ACRSTormers 😂😄🤣 Yea, I watch n support @BetOnDrew_Com while I play so I know what NOT to do at FTs.. jst half-scre… https://t.co/LT1zrNu7mI
27th June, 2017