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Got an itch for racing? So did 2 of our DDRT volunteers! Here's some of their video action. #Racing #Unser #Denverhttps://t.co/cQlsma95Pb
21st January, 2018 #Racing, #Denver
Sometimes the simulator isn't enough so you go kart racing!!! @GoProMotorplex rain/snow edition didn't disappoint!… https://t.co/JiDV291U2A
21st January, 2018
Next Open Race is Thursday 22 February 2018. Book now! Call us on 01638 552316. https://t.co/mHOSuhsg64 #kartinghttps://t.co/DjBS613KBB
21st January, 2018 #karting
This weeks events! Don’t forget to come out tomorrow for the #dragraceforcure charity event! You won’t want to miss… https://t.co/mCPq9pvK99
21st January, 2018
Something a little bit different tonight as we race in the @LegaCorsa karting series! @doodle127srwhttps://t.co/9jGkAIUx8G
20th January, 2018