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On Kashmiri leaders, when they are in opposition, they become Traitor...when in govt. they show patriotism like PDP. #Jammu #kashmir
26th February, 2017 #Jammu, #kashmir
I have no idea how to help these political prisoners in #kashmir but one day I shall find the solution https://t.co/ZHdiS2ChhL .I made this
26th February, 2017 #kashmir
Not so dear India @dr_rita39: India: You know your time in #Kashmir is up when the mums start to fight you https://t.co/bmKWyOYFZQ"
26th February, 2017 #Kashmir
Swachh Hindu-Free #Kashmir Abhiyaan Keeping your Temples clean since 1990 😐 https://t.co/f1hsLzYjNj
26th February, 2017 #Kashmir
Rest assured India is in big mess when a Rtd. personal of rapist army says an ex CM and ex central Minister is th… https://t.co/wGDnTQ2DxQ
26th February, 2017
Oh look, he's thrown his toys out of the pram and is stropping away #Kashmir https://t.co/Zk7zL9E5lw
26th February, 2017 #Kashmir