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A bold move by the world’s largest advertiser to take more control over the content that its pre-roll video ads sup… https://t.co/xteyWIib7d
20th June, 2018
There’s a reason why #SarahPalin could not answer the #KatieCouric falsely alleged “trick question“ on which newspa… https://t.co/DzTSwuy2wY
19th June, 2018 #KatieCouric
Monday morning motivation! Shining!!! Had to share @katiecouric @sterlingkbrown - “If you’ve found that thing, that… https://t.co/hZJE0Swf0H
18th June, 2018
Glocks were created for murder enhancement, for hunting men #sincere #nas #katiecouric
18th June, 2018 #katiecouric
You can't get out backwards, you've got to go forwards to go back; better press on. -Willy Wonka 1971 #katiecouric https://t.co/wBg5khWTMw
18th June, 2018 #katiecouric
Here's an article where Eminem is getting "heat" for using a gunshot sound effect in his performance at Bonnaroo...… https://t.co/A246bZlV6N
17th June, 2018
Note to self, for the millionth time... And even though I often quickly forget... I try : ) If you send out positiv… https://t.co/ytzlmIfz4h
17th June, 2018
"I drink more liquor to fuck you up quicker than you'd want to fuck me up for saying the word nigger"… https://t.co/tLaomgNiCd
16th June, 2018