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A year ago today I got the #KawasakiNinja out for the first time. Today, it's not even 35°F. Pure torture.… https://t.co/iw0XFxGQAB
8th April, 2018 #KawasakiNinja
Braking a turbo-charged 310 HP engine seemed to be a very unlikely feat. But not for #Brembo! We designed truly pow… https://t.co/C6zFnZPU3T
5th April, 2018 #Brembo
Kawasaki Ninja 400 Launched In India.🔥🏍️🏍️🔥 Open the link below to know about the price and specs of the bike.🙂🙂… https://t.co/VmVorqjreS
3rd April, 2018
.@india_kawasaki Ninja 400 Vs. @India_Yamaha YZF-R3 Comparison: Design, Specifications, Features & Price… https://t.co/ji3EKgUNiJ
3rd April, 2018