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Braking a turbo-charged 310 HP engine seemed to be a very unlikely feat. But not for #Brembo! We designed truly pow… https://t.co/azLFPSlBgY
22nd February, 2018 #Brembo
I got a ton of questions about the new Ninja 400 so I wanted to get the video out ASAP. First ride is now live on t… https://t.co/P36fxnDSu0
22nd February, 2018
Certain Kawasaki Ninja motorcycles have been recalled for transmission defects that could lead to loss of control.… https://t.co/yFHMp2LBNM
20th February, 2018
Very excited about the new AM Lightweight Sportbike class @cdnsuperbike for 2018. The all new #kawasakininja... https://t.co/94gUkvrIWD
18th February, 2018 #kawasakininja
was very happy on her birthday. Think riding this new bike will keep her Happy! #happybirthday baby! Now it's time… https://t.co/mo60ufyAuH
18th February, 2018