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Surprisingly nothing left but the dust in the wind when I’m out on the #kawasakininja — bleed green #monstereditionhttps://t.co/LmxMagGBh9
24th June, 2019 #kawasakininja
Wanted to blow off some cob-webs (and some pollen), didnt really mean to end up in Ardgay though. Just one day of m… https://t.co/YXQApY5uYc
22nd June, 2019
Late night riding is the best. Majority of ppl are sleep so there is very little traffic. The weather is cool. And… https://t.co/n2h3kwl2TU
20th June, 2019
Work in progress. I’m currently looking for tutorials on how to create a neon, urban, cityscape aesthetic plus long… https://t.co/XIOC9MOPJe
19th June, 2019