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Just throwing it back to when moochie got married. Love you and miss you, akriti_04 :) leahannajoseph and I both… https://t.co/5CRLU5UEc4
4th July, 2018
If u meet her wa mo approach,then she said "I don't want ur galfriend to cum nd beat me" Nfw2 I'm telling u,u made… https://t.co/XuboxmSvM0
4th July, 2018
Retiring ICE Director Has Four Requests: 1) Build The Wall, 2) Cut Off Funding For Sanctuary Cities, 3) Pass E-Veri… https://t.co/HQhs8qlgyY
4th July, 2018
Umama told me not to trust abangani where I grew up there is no opportunity just Drugs and Violence Avalon ne Suncity #Kay.dot #Saudi
3rd July, 2018 #Kay, #Saudi
Half of the year has passed and #Agnyaathavaasi tops my most played album. Nothing is even at half way mark, and I… https://t.co/5WdYT2yP2J
3rd July, 2018
Frm Intro. to Climax given Equal Importance to both #Krishna & #Arjun.. More than 200 Tweets posted abt #KAY .., Bu… https://t.co/8C2NUAm8I8
3rd July, 2018 #KAY
Didn't get to celebrate #NewGearDay after @SweetwaterSound #Gearfest because I had to head to my mom's cancer surge… https://t.co/Qm6teNyNOa
2nd July, 2018