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German watchdog recalls Volkswagen Touaregs after discovering defeat devices https://t.co/DcGnMjdLFk #Touareghttps://t.co/31vcnWu78N
13th December, 2017 #Touareg
New evidence of Volkswagen’s deployment of emissions 'defeat' devices continues to emerge, two illicit devices dete… https://t.co/bfpZatSa8u
12th December, 2017
Hey everyone. To join in on the fight for #NetNeutrality, #KBA will be hidden from tonight at 11:30pm EST until lat… https://t.co/46YW80wYPq
12th December, 2017 #KBA
#KBA winterfest will feature a youth showcase for young pickers! Join us on February 16-17 to play or watch the talented musicians!
11th December, 2017 #KBA
Volkswagen stops multivan deliveries due to emissions 'uncertainties' https://t.co/F20wCVjFdh #Volkswagenhttps://t.co/EDiLTmHVIZ
9th December, 2017 #Volkswagen
Congratulations to our very own Joey Gorman and Chelsea Houchins for completing the @kybankers Banking School this… https://t.co/JVGe2HdxoU
9th December, 2017
German car regs up a strong 9,4% thanks to Audi & Ford. It was one of the highest increases this year #Germanyhttps://t.co/obfUvbzjQ9
8th December, 2017 #Germany