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These guys played like warriors and brought home second place in the KBA KY Shootout 2017! #GOMAD #KBA https://t.co/vXUHmj5Lgd
20th March, 2017 #KBA
Chain Rock MADness 4/6/7 finish 4-2 at KBA today! These kids are battling! Good luck to all 3 teams in tourney tomorrow. #GoMAD #kba
19th March, 2017 #kba
Implementing digital authentication in accordance with the new NIST guidelines https://t.co/dvt54xZUYwhttps://t.co/VAimNjZK9a
14th March, 2017
Awesome job Paulding 2 for taking the KBA Silver Tournament! #kbahttps://t.co/tBVBztIKB0
13th March, 2017 #kba