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@DSMOOTH937 those same people will be buying with #FOMO when we 🚀🚀🚀 probably the same people that unloaded #ZCL in… https://t.co/XllsQotJob
18th February, 2018
Hundreds of birds chirp merrily on a #Sunday morning at #KBR Park in Hyderabad. https://t.co/QT8yGsE0u0
18th February, 2018 #KBR
privacy is the future after $BCTP this is the 2nd most exciting privacy project out there at the moment #HEXX #TKYhttps://t.co/aIXyX3diag
17th February, 2018
AAAARGH!!! do I liquidate some smallish long shot #alt positions currently showing losses (bought on the way down)… https://t.co/gaUQtOiZhi
17th February, 2018
let's be honest, this is good for everyone maximum adoption = maximum gains in the long run P&D doesn't benefit any… https://t.co/WwyyAayLoF
16th February, 2018