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Good Morning, @WarhorseStudios - I finally started playing #KCD on the weekend and despite two crashes (same spot… https://t.co/mghwK7Zrk4
19th June, 2018 #KCD
Henry discovers heretics in Uzhitz, but what will he do about it? Afterward, I attempt to clear another Cuman camp… https://t.co/lodKAZn92G
18th June, 2018
In my latest Kingdom Come: Deliverance...Henry interprets the directions of a mad man to hunt heretics. #kcdhttps://t.co/OGUSnUAADG
17th June, 2018 #kcd
Couldn’t let the night end without introducing our BRAND ✨ NEW ✨ TEAM! Here they are the 2018-2019 Knicks City Danc… https://t.co/zaNUm0qcV8
16th June, 2018
"Black Knight Armor and Sword" adds a unique set of black armour with golden trim to #KingdomeComeDeliverancehttps://t.co/bPqOrs3SPm
16th June, 2018
#DailyPick #RPG /2018-06-15/: Logging is little bit different if you don't have a chainsaw or quick transportation… https://t.co/2UcuNoGZwI
15th June, 2018 #RPG
I would whole heartedly recommend that if you have the spare cash, but the game. I’m only 20 hrs in and I am very m… https://t.co/12O8H2UiHx
15th June, 2018
"Ceano's Reshade" for #KingdomComeDeliverance enhances the game visuals to be sharper and more crisp without strayi… https://t.co/Y3rFHP6JZI
15th June, 2018