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Become bolstered with over-confidence and refuse to ever give up! "Black Knight Armor and Sword" from… https://t.co/Libbd9E8bO
23rd April, 2018
#DailyPick #RPG /2018-04-22/: Those raindrops are fallin' on my head, they keep fallin' 🇨🇿 #KCDhttps://t.co/1dNoX6oO71
23rd April, 2018 #RPG, #KCD
@WarhorseStudios #KCD is definitely one of my favourite games and it absolutely sucks I have to wait this long for… https://t.co/WXsyvXe0Eh
22nd April, 2018 #KCD
"Rebalanced Economy Overhaul" aims to make thievery and herbalism less lucrative by reducing the selling value of i… https://t.co/yhmSnUoZxd
22nd April, 2018
Thank you @WarhorseStudios for you great game #kingdomcomedeliverance and giving me about 100 hours of enjoyable ga… https://t.co/M72b761zc7
22nd April, 2018
Watch, as I try to mess up my own mind figuring out who to trust and who not to, in the "Lost in Translation" quest… https://t.co/bNotjT4KJT
21st April, 2018
Feeling pretty tired & not-so-great this evening... I think I'll cancel my #KCD stream today. See ya back tomorrow, hopefully!
20th April, 2018 #KCD