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Reporting for @FunintheUP tonight as snow storm moves into Northern Houghton county and Keweenaw county. #wx #miwx
12th January, 2018
If you are coming to the Keweenaw to snowmobile with a need for space for a group as well as your equipment, check…
11th January, 2018
Skiing back to #JBs to pick up the truck as the snow starts to frost the trees! If you have a later model #Tahoe w…
11th January, 2018 #Tahoe
Another benefit of living in the U.P.? Being able to ski home after dropping your vehicle at the mechanic! #JBs
11th January, 2018
In addition to the Chassell Classic Ski Trail, be sure to check out the Chassell Snowshoe Trails! #Chassell
10th January, 2018
We heard there's a #MuseumSnowballFight & the #Keweenaw is famous for the white stuff! We're bringing in the big eq…
10th January, 2018 #Keweenaw