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« pavement as I carry my bag to the entrance of my house, the same house I’d left after the death of my mom, someth… https://t.co/VD6K9QLdc5
22nd January, 2018
Tyler Lockwood #TVD Ships with the alpha #Klaus (AU SL obviously.) 21+ https://t.co/P89cdJ2crV
22nd January, 2018 #Klaus
Put a heat gun tk this print to remove layer lines and shine up but mushed it by accident. fish model #klaushttps://t.co/vpzsG1MInu
20th January, 2018 #klaus
Not the best pic but thought I'd post. Took this the other day. It's a fish model #klaus #model I made a while ago… https://t.co/ruBHSoE0og
20th January, 2018 #klaus