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@The_UnSilent_ @LindseyGrahamSC @GOP Let's start with any @GOP growing the spine to say No. We don't accept white s… https://t.co/BRz5yPSKZG
15th March, 2018
@brahmresnik APS also funding lies about public schools in AZ. Siding w/ #koch and #DeVos and @dougducey to privati… https://t.co/m2ToooRvHP
15th March, 2018 #koch
#Pompeo "came out of the same Wichita, KS biz community where the Koch family’s oil-and-gas conglomerate is headqua… https://t.co/FkzxtMGoWW
15th March, 2018
The most evil fuck in this country, strangely enough is not Donald Trump. It's Charles Koch of the #Koch Brothers,… https://t.co/lUFJAAEoSt
15th March, 2018 #Koch
EDITOR'S NOTE: You can spot the New Jersey in John Koufos as soon as he walks up, stares you frenetically in the ey… https://t.co/WBSgWQtBTk
15th March, 2018