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Damn koenigsegg just released a similar one to the 350 z looks pretty epic tbh. #Koenigsegg #carwrap #AnimeMemes https://t.co/i2Ash54ufN
7th December, 2019 #Koenigsegg
So proud of my buddy Angelini Riccardo, dude is just something else, I mean his works are beyond imagination, congr… https://t.co/36w9kJHewL
6th December, 2019
Good times last night with the supercarabe sparky18888 🤴😏🤕 Rog almost had to sleep on your couch 🤦🏽‍♂️#koenigsegghttps://t.co/PoA4EIB7z8
6th December, 2019 #koenigsegg
Would've loved to see 1 of the Koenigsegg Agera's in the Need for Speed movie with a roof box as they raced down th… https://t.co/fkhIWVfgUn
5th December, 2019