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#MostExpensiveCarsintheWorld Koenigsegg One – ₦774m The car was introduced back in 2014 and deemed as the “Worlds… https://t.co/Pf7fPjw9fS
19th October, 2020
https://t.co/uakbV07K7e Koenigsegg Agera (2011) - Monza Jr. [NFS/Need for Speed: Shift 2 | Gameplay] #needforspeedhttps://t.co/eEA60gNDlY
17th October, 2020 #needforspeed
Mercedes SLR McLaren tuned to 750 hp modified by FAB Design Only 1 made Review: https://t.co/Y89JvWmaWfhttps://t.co/FBKyyas5Hs
17th October, 2020
Bare carbon, Gemera based colour scheme of matte Swedish yellow and metallic stone base, featuring the now iconic '… https://t.co/ntJkHWUH2t
16th October, 2020
2021 Koenigsegg F1 Livery Concept Race Livery edition after yesterday's Testing Camo Design 3D Model by… https://t.co/sZWWOT1Tkh
16th October, 2020