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https://t.co/e73dze8NVN God damn I'm excited by that #NGE rocks! Thanks for the scoop #kotaku
21st July, 2018 #kotaku
@MondoNews @PhantomCityCrtv I believe a good article needs to written about Mondo. A very indepth article looking a… https://t.co/3JMK6GtPow
21st July, 2018
Dear @GameGrumps we think the best way for you to settle your differences with @Kotaku is to have a Baconator eatin… https://t.co/QBTGB87lzm
21st July, 2018
Just went down the rabbit hole that is this article by @cecianasta Probably the best written and most interesting… https://t.co/ltnP2nuxpM
20th July, 2018
An #overwatch fan is remaking every hero in #Torbjorns image.. See some of the results and read the full story via… https://t.co/DHVGC686kW
20th July, 2018
omg @cecianasta you put SAILOR MOON in the same story as DONALD RUMSFELD Whyyyy #kotaku https://t.co/lwNxuLYs8U
19th July, 2018 #kotaku
I can't believe they found this finally. I thought it was a myth. It is TOO over the top, complete with Lisa Frank… https://t.co/XVxt7ODEI5
19th July, 2018
The next International is bringing in some dollars. Check out this article on The International 2018.… https://t.co/VCWd0QruqD
17th July, 2018