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Stains containing sugar and even small amounts of any food are a tasty treat for insects, leading to holes from eat…
22nd February, 2018
Don't iron stained or soiled clothes trying to get just one more wearing out of them. Ironing dirty clothes will se…
21st February, 2018
Environmental conditions can cause damage to fabrics. This may include surface soiling from an accumulation of smok…
20th February, 2018
Dry cleaning will remove perspiration and body oil. #quality #kwik
19th February, 2018 #kwik
Get a free Quality Kwik privilege card now! Get 10% off all dry cleaning and 10% of repairs all year round.…
15th February, 2018
#Kwik Sew Sewing Pattern 764 Maternity Jumper Dress Top Tunic 8-10-12 Uncut #KwikSew #eBay
14th February, 2018 #Kwik