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@brentbookwalter I think we like a doped up dominate winner that can climb in the alps while carrying on a conversa…
23rd March, 2018
Isn't it a second art of my first album? Yap, it is! "Jotun Ulgrim jumps in"-@Brawlhalla ^^. #art #fanart
23rd March, 2018
My little beauty is 8 today! Representing @Voltron and the great @JeremyShada and @kimberlydbrooks ! We’re all blu…
23rd March, 2018
LanceChain will always be an open, free-to-use, commission-less platform. Unlike platforms currently on the market…
23rd March, 2018
I wanna change my art style to something like this but i also wanna draw fanart in the style?? #lance #keith
23rd March, 2018 #lance, #keith
Special for @argntmin dancing!AU and tired after hours of practicing Lance #voltron #lance
23rd March, 2018 #lance think you’ll never end up on a stake out #Lance&Andy
22nd March, 2018 #Lance