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Call for Papers: "Housing Builds Cities" edited by Luca Ortelli, Chiara Monterumisi and Alessandro Porotto @EPFL (D… https://t.co/sW9ly5lIT3
13th July, 2018
"Untitled" by Olivier Mosset is currently on view in Marseille on the rooftop of Le Corbusier’s Cité Radieuse, comp… https://t.co/sXV5RWnZXA
12th July, 2018
My daughter’s school design - with some major Brutalism influences. Love it. @TheBrutalArtist #lego #brutalismhttps://t.co/h1rhSOAKWn
12th July, 2018 #lego
The classic ground floor plan of the Villa Savoye — cars prominently on show #lecorbusier https://t.co/u0qrVvABaq https://t.co/iYL8pcBv3z
11th July, 2018 #lecorbusier
Over the last 100 years, architects and urban #planners across the globe have offered their utopian dreams -… https://t.co/29Ay9Lv2E7
10th July, 2018
DAY 2 OF BLOG WEEK! Today we are getting ready to say goodbye to Le Corbusier. Find out why here… https://t.co/cOVPUpeeiy
10th July, 2018