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When you realize you hit 90 on your route to work #LeadFoot
24th May, 2017
Me: Jiffy Treet closes in 15 mins Ab: Let's go. Should I drive? Me: Can you drive fast? Ab: ...You should drive. #wellokay #leadfoot 🏎🏎🏎
24th May, 2017 #leadfoot
That moment when you're driving home from the airport, look at the speedometer, then remember that you're not in… https://t.co/aA2RpblEkv
21st May, 2017
Coop: We are going 60-65 the whole way to Austin. Me: You're killing me Smalls!!! #leadfoot
20th May, 2017 #leadfoot
Was just hanging with this fella and racing like a mad man #leadfoot tobefirst https://t.co/D8m9WuWdrk
20th May, 2017 #leadfoot