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We landed an hour early, so we have to wait for a gate. Pfftth. #leadfoot
18th January, 2017 #leadfoot
Speed on the freeways to escape your feels, bae #leadfoot
18th January, 2017 #leadfoot
Saw a roll over on 694 this am. Ambulance had just gotten there. How scary. Kinda put me in check to slow down #leadfoot 😬
18th January, 2017 #leadfoot
Thankful for drivers that feel the need to go as fast as me🙏🏼 #leadfoot
16th January, 2017 #leadfoot
Another mf speeding ticket 🙈🙃 Thankfully he cut me a break and I didn't get any points this time! #Blessed #Thankful #LeadFoot 🙄😂
16th January, 2017
When you add cops on Facebook, in hopes that if they ever pull you over. They'll recognize you and won't write you a ticket.. #leadfoot
15th January, 2017 #leadfoot
My foot almost never seems comfortable until I'm at about 90 or 91mph. #Leadfoot
14th January, 2017 #Leadfoot