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Happy 16th birthday Frank👬🎈🎂 stay off the roads #leadfoot 🚙💨 https://t.co/q4VJoawWR5
6th June, 2018 #leadfoot
@TrooperBenKHP Where will your office be parked... #MutualFriend #LeadFoot 🤨🤨😏😏😏🤩🤩
5th June, 2018
Ending Monday paying my 1st speeding fine in years...#leadfoot #damn40kmlimit soz Vic Police lesson learnt
4th June, 2018 #leadfoot
My uncle and I have Hum for both of our vehicles and he said today, “Laurel I want to congratulate you on keeping i… https://t.co/FtBKMIfLl3
4th June, 2018
Damn, I thought once you pass 50 years old you start driving the speed limit or lower. Nope, not Baba Chester. Roch… https://t.co/sxjY8bgf3u
2nd June, 2018
I may have set a new record registering my vehicle this morning. #LeadFoot https://t.co/HLgb865jar
1st June, 2018
Driving w a student and he’s honestly the worst driver I’ve ever seen. We almost got in 2 car accidents leaving the… https://t.co/WcKMPQ75cF
1st June, 2018
@MarkCaeruleus @spankchief @MadameSamanthaB That wouldn’t be fair because you guys would be used to that! For your… https://t.co/MSHFmxVSos
31st May, 2018
*Text I got from one of my cops* “Do you not know what a speed limit is?! Slow down! Jesus I just clocked you doin… https://t.co/KWqd2BZey9
29th May, 2018
If I could stop getting a speeding ticket every single month.... now I know most of you will say “well why don’t yo… https://t.co/cY0d9ePS4l
29th May, 2018