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Just finished a run of #Lear @AldenBiesen castle, Belgium. Here's another beautiful room I'm lucky to be bringing t… https://t.co/8spRsemnHu
21st April, 2017 #Lear
An intriguing production looking for funding help: https://t.co/v7jzRLS3z9 (not their poster; my creative, not my… https://t.co/JEJPf5DRrq
19th April, 2017
Omg @chrislhayes your point abt Shakespeare on Colbert is cracking me up. "Peace, Kent--Come not between the dragon and his wrath." #Lear
19th April, 2017 #Lear
First time using classes and returning in functions for Blackjack program... does my code make sense so far? https://t.co/tNBd5h97Rn #Lear
18th April, 2017 #Lear
Check out our newest video, https://t.co/AqAsv0DtVS Never type Vietnamese without tones or you might end up like th… https://t.co/eJzPILtOtc
18th April, 2017
LEAR GAS TRANSMISSION COMPANY - information about company from Mississippi you can found there https://t.co/UzCt2h5GEE #LEAR #TRANSMISSION
18th April, 2017 #LEAR