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If you haven’t joined @JonTLangston mailing list, and downloaded his new song your missing out! Head over to… https://t.co/Gtxb34S43w
21st January, 2018
Cash-Strapped #LeEco Stops Plan to Shift Movie Subsidiary Into Listed Unit https://t.co/LIpbKBDf9W
19th January, 2018
#LeEco Le Pro3 – Screen is Cracked: Smartphone: LeEco Le Pro3 Problem: Screen is Cracked… https://t.co/6mzSvQjGO5
18th January, 2018
@WRAL secondary roads are bad, tertiary dirt roads are a nightmare (2.5 inches on the ground) #wralsnow #ruralhttps://t.co/hmgFTJC74g
17th January, 2018
Several potential jurors already dismissed for cause in the case, attorneys are now talking to potential jurors. #trialtweets #leeco
17th January, 2018 #leeco
This incident happened in June 2016 in Lehigh Acres when Amparo Moreno and Rico Vaca were shot and killed. Amparo i… https://t.co/gWjNYtOqM1
17th January, 2018
Let the #trialtweets begin. We’re beginning jury selection for Placido Moreno-Torres, who’s accused of two counts o… https://t.co/jY5lnEDX6K
17th January, 2018