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Why do drivers, especially those in the Pacific Northwest feel the need to be in the far left lane? It's for passin… https://t.co/KRJRWhhIza
20th March, 2018
“Where I’m from ain’t no such thing as a safe street” #LeftLane
19th March, 2018 #LeftLane
@JeffBurton @MA_Hollywood I can’t believe he’s actually in the right lane!!! #leftlane 🔨 down
19th March, 2018
@JayAndDan so big rigs can only drive 105kmh so it was not that fast for the #LeftLane @JayOnrait not your fault, the guy in front of you
14th March, 2018 #LeftLane
@coachchadmorris It was an honor to meet you tonight! Thank you for speaking to the Greers Ferry Razorback Club! I'… https://t.co/Wh4N6wlqF7
14th March, 2018