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Hands down my two favourite players of all time. Their passion and character was unrivalled #Legends https://t.co/uXw0WTL3JC
23rd March, 2018 #Legends
Zlatan Ibrahimović took a full page advert in the LA Times to announce his arrival at LA Galaxy today. 👏🏻 Superb!… https://t.co/8h7yTkDEhq
23rd March, 2018
so in april tvxq and suju going to promote in music bank? like at the same time? wahh the good memories of 2005-2008 #legends
23rd March, 2018 #legends
That “ROXANNE SHANTE” biopic debuting on Netflix today. I gotta catch that! #respect #Legends #hiphop 💯
23rd March, 2018 #Legends