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Both dealer fraud and lemon law refer to the car defects which the consumer faces after purchasing a vehicle. They… https://t.co/BG7O8xpp2G
19th March, 2018
@elonmusk Sooo...can we focus on all these car issues? I’ve had mine exactly 3 months today And it has gone into se… https://t.co/DnIWsPGWnU
19th March, 2018
Bought a 2018 @Honda Accord 2.0 Touring in December, now getting all kinds of error messages about systems like Aut… https://t.co/fVpC1xCHKT
17th March, 2018
@hansenfamilyof6 @WhirlpoolCare Why replace it? Just keep fixing it till it's out of warranty. That's the Whirlpool way. #lemonlaw
16th March, 2018 #lemonlaw
@GM my 2016 Malibu, 31k miles decided to die (once again) on the highway this morning taking kids to school. Danger… https://t.co/KcGrJT11xt
15th March, 2018
@realDonaldTrump The worst trade deal we ever had was getting you after President Obama. Talk about ripping off America. #lemonlaw
14th March, 2018 #lemonlaw
I want a gift Receipt cause I am taking her back to SWAMP-MART and getting something else. Either that or I am Re-G… https://t.co/mvCs7dZ4ed
14th March, 2018