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Wishing myself luck right now because I am a friendless loser and my cat hates me! I'm loving life anyways though!!! #Lemons #Lemonade
18th October, 2018 #Lemons
#Lemons are rich in vitamin C and the main ingredient in almost every salad dressing. https://t.co/PYpEhpFGoJ https://t.co/qw6n3ybSTj
18th October, 2018 #Lemons
Overall Winner on Laps, 2018 Smells Like AMC Spirit @The Ridge Motorsports Park: Crap-can Mixed Tape Dating Club,… https://t.co/3tM3Wtyd8d
18th October, 2018
If life gives you #lemons, keep them! Well, lemons help in lightening the dark spots and blemishes. It also helps y… https://t.co/oQC5MjAnW0
18th October, 2018 #lemons