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🚀🇫🇷 We'll be tomorrow at @VivaTech thanks to @auvergnerhalpes ! Let's catch us there to talk about the Cloud !… https://t.co/DOClARRt1C
23rd May, 2018
In this week's interview, we meet Kai-Fu Lee (@kaifulee), CEO and Founder of Sinovation Ventures (@sinovationvc) ,… https://t.co/g85EvNiKjM
23rd May, 2018
The supermarket business is seeing changes at a global scale. Read about it in this week's newsletter:… https://t.co/j10myykB4l
22nd May, 2018
CRISPR, the gene editing tool, is now being applied to detect diseases. Read about it in the weekly newsletter:… https://t.co/B6O5l6X1Ed
17th May, 2018
A Chinese car battery maker, giving Tesla a run for its money. Read about it in this week's newsletter:… https://t.co/rwbFTTkFMD
16th May, 2018