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Moments of the 240 KM RunKuwait from the northern to the southern borders of Kuwait. https://t.co/yRldfwDzsLhttps://t.co/gXYzP5ihO2
5th October, 2016
its high time we chck on who is dah conqurer btw @RAO and @UHURU.....so wat do we say.....#lets wait and see..
5th October, 2016 #lets
Where are the hits y'all spoke about back in 2013 I got way better wahts u excuse for still sucking #Lets do features and solve this
5th October, 2016 #Lets
@LEGACYfied everything will still be silence, until learn how to kill looters or jail them like common Man. #lets adopt China policy
5th October, 2016 #lets