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The 2020 Levante GTS. The perfect blend between long distance comfort and high performance. #DaveSmithDifferencehttps://t.co/qvwQK4F8wf
9th April, 2020
I guess you could say that I am AMPED to have my quarantine (un)officially sponsored by @levantebrewing I’ll see… https://t.co/opMcS2RNL4
8th April, 2020
We take so much for granted that just a simple walk to the Vets seemed like you’ve been freed from jail… https://t.co/pU8vVrs6Fm
7th April, 2020
Specialists Novitec showcases their skills with this eye-catching 616 hp Maserati Levante Esteso. It is also wider… https://t.co/vZUf9IUj8B
6th April, 2020
Sailing back into Europe: The Strait of Gib! Ocean Adventure Travel & Conservation Blog https://t.co/S3lAOIK2n7 #ahttps://t.co/jgSWm5NBkW
6th April, 2020
You can now pick up a Maserati Levante for about £30k, would you buy one? https://t.co/UpbLeTAzWd #Maseratihttps://t.co/oCb6IW6Ear
5th April, 2020 #Maserati
#Gibraltar #Levante this morning - 05/04 - and with plenty to come over the next few days - but it's less windy tod… https://t.co/Ou5h8ui1RF
5th April, 2020 #Levante