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I am pretty sure #LewisHamilton will overtake #MichaelSchumacher's tally of race wins and titles. Or at least match… https://t.co/NQPESF37dH
17th August, 2019 #LewisHamilton, #MichaelSchumacher
"It's about how you get up not how you fall" ✊🏾 Gotta love Lewis Hamilton, he's the best! #LewisHamiltonhttps://t.co/zlSDV95Mf3
16th August, 2019 #LewisHamilton
Was out camping for a few days, with no cell reception, nothing. Came back to find out this had happened.. --… https://t.co/Q67AiVAjjB
16th August, 2019
He’s been waiting since he was 5 for this and today Elias finally got his go! Absolutely loved it! 💕 Bye bye motocr… https://t.co/xEzj9mVdJ9
16th August, 2019