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The idea of “sharper and more graceful” defines the LC flagship, so Lexus engineers have applied the same concept t…
17th October, 2018
Round 7 of the Super GT Series in Autopolis coming up this weekend. Great circuit, one of my favourite in Japan. Up…
15th October, 2018
My gosh i just saw the 2018 @Lexus lc500... omg lexus u have been under rated for too long. 😍😍 #LexusLC
15th October, 2018 #LexusLC
Is this the best-looking car in the showrooms right now? Definitely a contender. The #Lexus LC is a good looking co…
12th October, 2018 #Lexus
Official tests at Twin Ring Motegi - day 2: LC 500 teams show advantage! au TOM'S LC 500 is fastest!…
12th October, 2018
@Lexus There's a #LexusLC with a tasty looking wing in the background. Please tell me that is finally an #LCF?
11th October, 2018 #LexusLC