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Cocktails and dinner has ended with me in bed breathing in a bag trying not to throw up, 2️⃣5️⃣ is treating me well 😩👵🏻🖕🏽#lightweight
25th February, 2017 #lightweight
Not sure why or how I've reached the point in life where two margaritas give me a very strong buzz, but I have. #lightweight
24th February, 2017 #lightweight
When a client knows you're training and Need to make weight and for a Tip gives a 80ct of these. Lmao DAMN DAMN…
24th February, 2017
Work has absolutely killed me this week. It's Friday night but time for bed already. 😴 #lightweight
24th February, 2017 #lightweight
@brandon_pharris @flygare33 Brandon you would have one drink and then be passed out on the beach #lightweight
24th February, 2017 #lightweight