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Have you listened to Lincoln Addict Podcast? We talk mostly about 60 era Lincoln Continental cars? New episode comi…
12th June, 2019
The 2019 Lincoln Continental brings out maximum luxury to the Lincoln lineup. #LincolnContinental
11th June, 2019 #LincolnContinental
Perth ON: Part 2 No multiple exposures this time, just a tricky window and a well-placed #lincolncontinental. Also…
9th June, 2019 #lincolncontinental
Saw these two beauties at work today 😊👍 Cadillac Calais (1965-1976) and Lincoln Continental Mark IV (1972-1976) .…
8th June, 2019
Classic Another take on a vintage Lincoln Continental. So much metal, so much chrome. #iPhone7 #lincolncontinental
8th June, 2019 #lincolncontinental