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@Po_Ta_T0es @HeavyMetalYetii Anything they call pop nowadays. Country pop is just as bad! Thank God for my iPod and…
11th November, 2017
Always a good omen when a song like this comes on before I play hockey. Wouldn't you agree @josemangin ?…
10th November, 2017
Listening to Corpsegrinder talking to Jose Mangin on Liquid Metal about setting up a neck gym and going to a Culture Club gig 😂 #liquidmetal
7th November, 2017 #liquidmetal
Sepultura, Prong and Overkill on my commute today - thanks #liquidmetal #siriusxm
2nd November, 2017 #liquidmetal, #siriusxm
No offense to the man but is there anyone else on #LiquidMetal or is it all Jose all the time?
1st November, 2017 #LiquidMetal