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Damn 2017 been full of L’s. RIP to all the fallen soldiers man fr #LLA #LLV 👼🏾💯
9th December, 2017
People done left me I tha rain without an umbrella #LLV🕊💙
9th December, 2017
I don’t trust nobody period‼️ niggaz n hoes talk bout cha behind yah back mama always said yu don’t need no friends #LLV🕊💙
9th December, 2017
I’m sorry I couldn’t show out in your home court tonight but I got you Friday my boy 🙏🏽🎒🤟🏽2️⃣🌎 #RestEasyMyBoy #LLV #RestUpVontay22
7th December, 2017
I gotta get them lime green foams #LLV
4th December, 2017
Same ol chunky soup ain’t shit changed 4️⃣🆙 #LLV https://t.co/6ESzpp9Hcu
3rd December, 2017