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@BBCHolbyCity seriously???!!!do you not think of the issues of #justification &radiation in possible pregnancy....… https://t.co/eXkh78O79H
20th February, 2018
$LMP has an average volume of 1292370. This is a good sign as it is always nice to have a liquid stock.… https://t.co/Mbp1jzurNU
19th February, 2018
#LMP aligned coys get the road contracts; #LNP aligned coys get the dam builds; #LNP aligned coys get the rail past… https://t.co/vxrlR0MqMo
19th February, 2018 #LMP
Follow us as we travel over 3200km, across 9 states with 7 Major stops in 10 days. Holding Panel Discussion titled… https://t.co/BwLjcAgpb0
18th February, 2018
@Pink Thank you for your voice and music that held my hand til this last breath I decided to take. I'm sure it made… https://t.co/vSIBLfskMv
18th February, 2018