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@zydhockey Bet you’ve got that salted away somewhere in that shed ❓Loose change 2 u Zyderney ❗️🤪#Loaded
26th April, 2018 #Loaded
Only @tOnerz would be Door Dashing some grub at 3am. #loaded
26th April, 2018 #loaded
Just #Loaded on @NetflixUK Enjoyable show. Pity it seems like there'll be no season 2
26th April, 2018 #Loaded
I really liked #loaded. I can't understand the bad press/reviews/reaction. It'll be a shame if it gets cancelled.
25th April, 2018 #loaded
Studio set & booked May 5th with MoraWave Productions, it's gone feel good to be back in my sec 🏠 Tearin the Booth… https://t.co/GmHrThcyce
25th April, 2018
Actual footage of me and my cousins on Christmas 😵 #loaded https://t.co/GcWdawkzHa
25th April, 2018 #loaded