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In @bellur 35 out of top 50 global logistics companies are already in #India, attracting strategic and financial i… https://t.co/YfPLnS2WKN
22nd April, 2018 #India
In less than 5 years, SkyCell has grown into the fourth largest pharma container provider with a globally available… https://t.co/TvX6VFuKPA
22nd April, 2018
It's a great opening today. more and more idea exchange in coming week #logistics #Singapore #MaritimeSGhttps://t.co/o7m245nZPf
22nd April, 2018 #logistics, #Singapore
Perceived to be a male-dominated vertical, the #logistics sector is often considered an ill fit for a… https://t.co/kiT4UVl4yN
22nd April, 2018 #logistics
Participants wYould be rewarded with tokens. It will bring more and more people to explore the crypto world and cry… https://t.co/kYkqOZ2DKB
22nd April, 2018
Smart Containers Group, formerly REP AG is a Swiss based, high tech company that provides the safest temperature co… https://t.co/QLD3TfCBQi
22nd April, 2018