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A visit to London Museum & we spot the biggest #londontaxi queue in the world? What's up? The roads were blockaded…
18th January, 2017 #londontaxi
Traffic: Bank junction is closed, delays at Cornhill junction, because of a demo by black cabs #londontaxi
17th January, 2017 #londontaxi
Earlier today we welcomed Hangzhou Television 1 from China with @LondonTaxiCoUK the world is interested n the…
16th January, 2017
@Mark_Chandler hi mark yes feel free !! Positive reporting please ! #taxidemo #londontaxi
16th January, 2017 #londontaxi
Snow doesn't stop us looking after our core clients and getting drivers back to work. What's all the fuss about?…
13th January, 2017
I can proudly say: I WAS AT #BankJunction 12/1/17 . In the middle of the yellow box :) @UCGcampaigns #Londontaxi
13th January, 2017 #Londontaxi