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@elonmusk I've got an idea I think you'll be interested in... Space... Winnebago. #LoneStar
7th February, 2018 #LoneStar
We still have positions open for this summer and we invite you to come share your talents with us! More information… https://t.co/cfkP6Hq66u
7th February, 2018
Klein Forest High School students signing up with Lone Star so they can take Dual Credit classes! #kleinforesthttps://t.co/a4XlSL9V36
7th February, 2018
Teachers make a difference in every child and this lady has been a blessing to my 1st Grader! #lonestar . https://t.co/N9VEZzk3uB
7th February, 2018 #lonestar
This super cute necklace and earrings set hits the store in February! Who are you going to get a set for? Yourself?… https://t.co/EibOyqpZcp
7th February, 2018
For BFR test can @elonmusk @SpaceX launch a Winnebago? So many of us love spaceballs and seems to be most appropri… https://t.co/NB2eimEzUc
7th February, 2018