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@AmnestyIreland Has your staff nothing better to do. No day jobs . Silly looking stunt just like the young girls in… https://t.co/xJvr73gWBU
20th July, 2017
It was an absolute pleasure to be involved in the build of The ‘3 Swing’ that @BoysandGirlsLtd designed for… https://t.co/r2IBEBewAz
20th July, 2017
@longitudefest maybe next year give a band at the gate to over 18s or make it an over 18s event. #longitude #under18hammered #betterlineup
19th July, 2017 #longitude
UPDATE: Hozier's manager posted new photos of the pair at #Longitude Saoirse Ronan & Hozier Hang Out Again https://t.co/LaiVGkSoEE
19th July, 2017 #Longitude