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Learn why it is important for on-site search to understand search intent and long-tail keywords, and how machine le… https://t.co/Qx0QY0JHRo
19th January, 2018
Hiya, The #LongTail effect also applies to #cybercrime - you don't need to hack Target to run a profitable busines… https://t.co/jurrufmUwy
19th January, 2018
Using #LongTail #Keywords can mean search-page-ranking for less-competed-for search terms. https://t.co/20h5Ov94Vthttps://t.co/CfNN5DXAUY
19th January, 2018
Long-tail SEO is an excellent idea if you want to attract a decent amount of high-converting organic traffic to any… https://t.co/ftlqxYCUnT
18th January, 2018
The trusted advisor becomes a filter - the #longtail of the service industry - https://t.co/qbbbSPwvRH
17th January, 2018 #longtail