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@RWPUSA @nypost Should be a skit for Saturday Night Live: In their series of Game Show skits.... Who's Your Favorit… https://t.co/m8qWZMugcq
18th February, 2018
My first laugh of the day. Can we just have @quitabrunson just take over for @miketirico? And while we're at it, h… https://t.co/CFjsEpZpKd
17th February, 2018
Everything happening in #ONpoli right now has the makings of a great @nbcsnl skit. McKinnon plays Wynne of course.… https://t.co/w9qeYNlDsV
17th February, 2018
Happy Birthday to the late comedian Chris Farley! 2008 PODCAST INTERVIEW with brother Tom Farley #PodernFamilyhttps://t.co/MZwRWFKfSU
15th February, 2018
@nbcsnl What would it take to get a perfectly ripe Arte Johnson to play the dirty old man skit on SNL. #veryinteresting #lornemichaels
14th February, 2018 #lornemichaels
#JamieDornan has such a great sense of humor. He is not afraid to laugh at himself or share embarrassing stories. J… https://t.co/2nnWpvi3K6
13th February, 2018
@thehill @rosie did @nbcsnl turned her down, despite that she’d do an INFINITELY better job 😕 #LorneMichaels dumb4l… https://t.co/TkrTx7iXKY
12th February, 2018 #LorneMichaels