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@washingtonpost They are sweating and burning the midnight oil. #hardwork pays off and #dems will keep #losing #maga #TrumpTrain
27th June, 2017 #losing
@OurLives OMG the same old "Push granny off the cliff ""Only care about tax cuts for rich" Bull you people have bee… https://t.co/qpClYdswKM
27th June, 2017
@oppstn @RepTimRyan Next D leader. @NancyPelosi please resign. 4 yrs in majority 10 yrs and counting in minortiy wh… https://t.co/f4RV12SJeF
27th June, 2017
@VP I thought America First was T's motto, even though all his shit is made in China. Now you're going to outsourc… https://t.co/wUcBhFsln6
27th June, 2017