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It’s no longer about the how many, but the who many. #LotLinx #product #data #autovate17
9th December, 2017
Taking advantage of leveraging better data to power smarter targeted ads? #Automotive #LotLinx #AI https://t.co/0cRFsKpRmW
6th December, 2017 #Automotive
Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree... Elfie has found himself a little friend! @pcgdigital @lotlinxhttps://t.co/VX6DHksRsO
4th December, 2017
Putting up the Christmas tree Elfie got ALL CAUGHT UP! @pcgdigital @lotlinx getting ready for the holidays?… https://t.co/qjl4xcOoT4
3rd December, 2017
Guess who's back, back again? Elfie's back, tell a friend! @pcgdigital @lotlinx ... any mischievous elves show up b… https://t.co/NPPxWigsEf
1st December, 2017
Want to know what Artificial Intelligence "AI" really is? Danny Lange explains in this https://t.co/xmTj0zLEdc erti… https://t.co/wfxBQeDjFm
1st December, 2017
LotLinx Fast 50 - The top 50 dealers nationwide ranked by inventory turn vs. national average for that brand and wh… https://t.co/hh3NS5FRk2
29th November, 2017