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To all those Canada dealers. The birth of LotLinx occurred in Canada and now we are brining it home #LotLinx #AI https://t.co/6BuqgxRPI4
17th November, 2017
Excited to welcome industry veterans to join my team at #LotLinx Kim DePalma & Bob Sherman “Oh the places we will g… https://t.co/Ip0oYWG4TY
15th November, 2017
Nothing better then dealers using #LotLinx to drive sales, shorter inventory turn, digital spend efficiency and acc… https://t.co/OYAfaWFgLO
14th November, 2017
Accelerated Mobile Pages How these new mobile pages drive customer engagement #LotLinx https://t.co/jHC2120aAG
10th November, 2017
AI Machine Learning is not unlike human learning in that the Machine learns from its experiences. #AI #LotLinx
9th November, 2017