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23 beers on tap at #LowerParel! Now, all you have to do is choose your favourite burger and enjoy a perfect meal. https://t.co/UdZW53vW6R
24th January, 2018 #LowerParel
Thai Wednesday’s ! Green Thai Curry with rice is all you need on a boring tuesday. . . . #TheRollingPinhttps://t.co/dOetQP0PeS
24th January, 2018
9 am and welcome to Parel. It’s a 2.5 km drive to work which now takes me 45 mins. Just saying ! #mumbaitraffichttps://t.co/Tc5veaMvUM
24th January, 2018 #mumbaitraffic
Get salads, wraps, sandwiches, smoothies, cold pressed juices and meals in a bowl for a healthy working lunch from… https://t.co/Jxth0Tahbw
23rd January, 2018
Have a dessert binge at The Rolling Pin with an array of mouth watering options to choose from! . . .… https://t.co/dd6KvZuGQQ
23rd January, 2018
Spicy, cheesy and stuffed with some wholesome veggies, the siciliano lasagna at Quattro is love at first bite! PC-… https://t.co/3CY6VLsLbO
23rd January, 2018
🔈Our website is now live! Log onto https://t.co/ozG4mgFZUK to know more about what's brewing at Drifter's. 😊 Chee… https://t.co/HZDbVxbJ5X
22nd January, 2018
Always follow your heart, it will lead you to Food! Head to @kaamamumbai and start your week with the drool worthy… https://t.co/Pc18RQXNgW
22nd January, 2018