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@Kon__K Similarly, There are many MPs with portfolios in which they have no qualifications or experience .... #LUDICROUS
24th July, 2019 #LUDICROUS
@AKCounsellor Think the majority of the country has just fell into the abyss! #ludicrous
23rd July, 2019 #ludicrous
here's some hilarity. I'm so glad you called, I almost started cleaning the house - vintage retro funny quote...…
23rd July, 2019
yes. That is amusing. Adorable Japanese Playing Cards especially for Dog Lovers - I Want! ~~ Houston Foodlovers Bo…
23rd July, 2019
making this farcical. Teef. by `Endling on deviantART I'm not sure what this is about, but it's cute... #comedy
23rd July, 2019
bring the mirth. Sam Heughan laughing in LA LA_133 by camera-con-vista, via Flickr photo by @RogerWakefield #mirth
23rd July, 2019