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@dreamcatcher5 #GM DC great #ThursdayThoughts to start my day watching @maddow dvr it every night gave me a great l…
26th April, 2018
Sergei Eisenstein showed us that montage is the essence of cinema, provoking emotion and telling the story through…
26th April, 2018
Every Guillermo Del Toro Movie Ranked From Worst To Best vía @YouTube #Maestro
26th April, 2018 #Maestro
Come on! Throw your name in that hat this Saturday and see if you get chosen to be on stage with Rapid Fire Theatre…
26th April, 2018
Premium audio clarity that you will fall in love with. Get the Maestro from Neojdx on or f…
26th April, 2018
Estudiando hasta en la cena con los profes! Studying even at night with the teachers! 📝🤪 #nonstop #learning
25th April, 2018
@JulianBarker111 @BillyBremnerFan Lol.Still Giles?Or had he gone to WBA?Think I'll stick with Johnny #maestro
25th April, 2018 #maestro