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Thought the dog was being nice and getting me my coat for a walk. Instead he dragged it away from me and tried to use it as a bed. #manfred
23rd May, 2018 #manfred
@ExposFest Gotta lose that American flag, unless you're trying to convince #Manfred and friends. πŸ˜€
22nd May, 2018 #Manfred
Manfred the Basset Hound wins 2nd place in this #royalwedding . "He looks like he's been shopping at #SavilleRow."…
20th May, 2018
#Braves F'ed again by replay. #Manfred Quit allowing umps to protect umps.
19th May, 2018 #Manfred
@TommyBirch and you get to the bar faster, #Manfred 🍿🍺
18th May, 2018 #Manfred
Braves just got HOSED by replay. And then just got hosed on the next play by losing their replay a play before. Bri…
16th May, 2018
#Manfred Fix the travesty of replay protecting inferior umpires making bad calls.
16th May, 2018 #Manfred