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Marcel knows what’s up! NEW MUSIC on the way!!! 7 / 31 /20 ——>> Here We Go . . . . #newmusic #marcel #monkey
11th July, 2020 #marcel
@AlimiBallard @QueenOnUSA @netflix This Man is so smoooth..... he practically slid off my screen!!..#MARCEL, or is…
10th July, 2020 #MARCEL
Actor, Producer, Director and Model, Charles Michael Davis, known for his role as Marcel, in the Vampire Diaries &…
9th July, 2020
I sometimes forget this amazing band no longer exists physically thanks to one damn drunk driver who killed them.…
9th July, 2020
#ℳ𝒶𝓇𝒸𝑒𝓁 ive been scrolling through tiktok and shopee to complete my eboy form 😔
9th July, 2020
😂 I Just Had To Do It 😂. There's A Lot Of Paper Work That Went Through My Upcoming EP That's Gonna Drop On 17 Jul…
9th July, 2020