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Wouldn't it be great if #martinshkreli was fleeing Florida & they charged him $1 million / gallon...
10th September, 2017 #martinshkreli
@Madyank2 Same retard that thought it was funny to charged 5000 % more for drug that cost enough in a Country witho…
10th September, 2017
Prosecutors want Shkreli thrown in jail now after Facebook threat #martinshkreli >subscribe>
10th September, 2017 #martinshkreli
@sigfpe @TDMoss One currency is backed by the treasury, aka 'we the people', and the other is backed up by people like #MartinShkreli
10th September, 2017 #MartinShkreli
#MartinShkreli is still the real life Lex Luthor. Idk how I ended up living to see a real life Superman villain.
10th September, 2017 #MartinShkreli
Anothr fevered night of #MartinShkreli's Weird Michael Jackson Nose coming down from the sky as big as a house and…
9th September, 2017 #MartinShkreli