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My heaven: a rooftop sunset viewing, overlooking the ocean and a fancy Italian cocktail. È una bella vacanza! . . .…
20th May, 2018
I’m coming for u. Or my grampa will get u in hell #massa
20th May, 2018 #massa
Drivers of Felipe Massa's calibre will help Formula E - Mark Webber #F1 #Massa
19th May, 2018 #Massa
@jimmykimmel How would gun laws have stopped a person with a sawn off shotgun and explosives? If the government had…
19th May, 2018
@TheALX A sawn off = already illegal and explosives. Gun control would not have made any of the children in the sch…
19th May, 2018
Hey Meech @JohnAmaechi can we get #MASSA trending? Make American Schools Safe Again.
19th May, 2018 #MASSA